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Ijazat by Falak feat. Romil Dhakar

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My sweets 25th Birthday : Mar 2011

What’s the fuss about …

Celebrating a MASSIVE LANDMARK: 25th birthday of two best buddies ROM <3 & PRATS.

Its 3′O Clock in the afternoon and we (Jeetu, Rom and Me) were all waiting for the darling to arrive all the way from Udaipur. The flight was delayed and the starvation mode made the guys go crazy and badified.

March 21

What to do while waiting and make them stay sane… ? .I ordered Rom’s favorite Pizza and Coke from Pizza Hut and , having it was a great way of keeping their minds off… Finally…!!! We welcomed the most awaited guest Miss Pratiksha Chaurasia with hugs and using some nice long mouthful substitutes.. ;-)

Friends are great! It’s always fun to invite a friend over and hang out especially celebrating the special occasion of one’s life. After having a large lunch we were all set to plan activities for the evening coz it was my sweetheart’s birthday approaching.

Now came the time to get ready and lambudaa aka Pratiksha owns buku clothes and carries a huge closet with her.. ;-) . She was excited as she had Rom(the soo..called photographer) and her best enemy to capture some candid pics of her so that she cud have a good DP on FB.

It was already 8:30 and Rom was absolutely buggered coz he wanted to get a drink … etc at the bubbler(Stone water grill) asap with Jeetu and Animesh… but guys, did you ever know that “Rom takes forever to get ready..;) and spends countless hours in trying to figure out what to wear..lolol..:)”

Now was the time to get wild for the loud party. The DJ playing some bass heavy techno and lights were flashing so fast in the dark place, an amazing ambiance – dance floor, delicious starters, drinks, this had set the tone for celebration..:).

Time passed real fast and the time to cut the cake was about to approach when we realized that the bakery of Westin was closed and they do not provide cakes at 12 without pre orders. However, we managed to get a surprise cake at O’Hotel (the coolest place to dine in K.P)..:). He smiled looking at the cake, it made his heart melt..<3<3<3 and I was flooded with a happy sensation… It was already 1, we were all tired after having a heavy dinner.

March 22 - Rom’s Bday

It was a beautiful morning, the leaves were shaking in rhythm dispersing extremely slender cool breeze. We leisurely relaxed by the window sipping the hot tea prepared by me..;).  It was a hot boring day as Rom had to go to office to attend a meeting and a call at 8 p.m. which was saddening..:(. Me and Prats passed the whole day in shopping. It was 9:30 p.m. on the clock, Rom just returned from the office & seemed quite lazy coz of the hectic schedule.

We both got all brilled up for the bash @ Scream Pub, Le Meridien, unfortunately it was reserved for a private party..:( , then Prats decided to go to Shisha Jazz Cafe as she wished to try Hukka once and Rom wanted to for brinner since it was too early for dinner.

Reached Shisha..V were all enjoying his special occasion sitting in silence watching the view..chit-chatting’s piping Hukka, drinking and having cheese platter(which was a disaster ordered by Prats).Listening to real jazz and Afro-Latin sounds @ low volume was a delightful experience in every sense..<3

Now was the time to have the main meal. And cutting another surprise cake(celebrating Prats B’day) at the same place “The O’Hotel”. Rom and Prats both cut the yummm..cake brought by Jeetu. Hunger made all of us jump up on cake which turned it into a terrible mess..

Enjoyed the wine and dine…and crawled towards Westin to have a coffee..;)

March 23 – Prat’s Bday

Rom took a day off to celebrate the big day…V all woke up late..had tea, lunch and again spent the whole day in shopping and roaming around.. It was really a big day..both of us(Rom and me) planned of throwing her an amazing party to indicate the significant milestone. Rom -”the Host” invited all of his frenz..aka “The RADAS group” (the energetic people with tons of stamina) :)

Full of infi enthu..we were all set to rockkk..@ Firangi Paani themed up as an english pub… luckily it was the Bollywood night. It was so much fun..the D.J playing ultimate dance floor cracking kinda songs making us jazzed up. The RADAS group created the party atmosphere to herald and made me groove(which is a tough job as I am a bad dancer..:( ) to their favourite music.

It was all a syllabus free dance & the movements were harmonised with beats from music.The lights “flowing” with the music in order to create a visually pleasing and mesmerising combination of patterns. Had a great time, ordered a wide variety of food, deserts and sparkling waters including tequilas, vodka, beers, mock-tails for me..:) . Prats was excited and thrilled..Spending the special day with best buddies made it more special for her and for us too..;)

The 3 days passed by like a blur,, with each day melting seamlessly into another before anyone of us realized..,,24th approached which was day to bid her adieu.

It meant a lot for me …

It was a small token of remembrance..which we will cherish forever..Nothing was pre planned, we didn’t create any checklist but it turned out to be a great success..<3<3<3

Dedicated to my Sweethearts :: Rom and Pratiksha Chaurasia..Luv u both..<3<3<3

Happy Birthday. Loads of <3

All the pics - Click here to view my album!!!

You may also enjoy some random birthday videos(22nd & 25th).

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Wroxham : March 2012


Where Wroxham, United Kingdom
With Jittin and Nikit
Cost Close to £ 30 Norwich to Norwich all inclusive
Travel Greater Angelia / Norfolk Boards(waterways) / Walking
Stay NA
Places visited Day 1 – 25/03/2012

  1. Soking the Sun on the riverside
  2. Boating on our white swan
  3. Wraps and Icecreme at city center


With couple of disappointing weekends (when it was cloudy and rainy during weekends) meant that I was sitting and doing nothing, not even feel like going out. With the out set of spring, and bright sun shine till 5:30 in eve a day out (even for late starters) is a plan. I was upbeat to roll the drums again!!! – This time with new roomies:-p

Wroxham Rox – A Moive by Romil Dhakar (4:11)

Early morning and start

It was a late sleep last night as we three went to Replies for couple of hours of Pool, that was after we spent the whole day roaming around the city in bright sun light. Come Sunday morning and the pain in the ass :-D – Jittin Jacob stared howling at us to wake up so that we can go to Wroxham, his words were barely noticed by two of us as we were still sleeping tight (on different beds off course). Now as we woke up and stared planning it was noon already and it looked like Nikit (yes its not NikitA) tried convincing us to do this another day. Never the less me and Jittin stood up and made a move with a convinced Nikit.

Welcome Wroxham

After we reached the Wroxham Railway station it was apparent that it’s a very small place, as the station had hardly any sole wandering around. We navigated our way towards the Boards to see if we can hire a good open boat for a couple of hours. A we proceed we gazed at the lovely riverside with lots of people enjoying with families, feeding swans and pigeons and having a good time. Wondering here and there to find a good open boat we finally contacted a company called Board Tours – they are well est. but couldn’t find there office, however in the quest to search them we got what we wanted – a open small boat (by MC MARINE) and without wasting a second we hired it for 2 hours just for £30. To make 2 hours absolute fun me and Nikit rushed to buy some coke and snacks. We were on board by 15:25

On Board

Ok!!! I am scared of water but this isn’t that scary and we got Life jack also. I wonder what would go wrong with a small boat with speed 5 MPH but guess what we almost landed our self into middle of no mans land with boat stuck on the banks. Read more or see it happen.

Right side

This is the way to go if you think you will be doing lot (when I say lot I mean it) of crazy stuff, shouting, screaming and going crazy with sailing your ship!!! – I literally did it all (check the video). The topography of this place is very pleasing. We went very deep into the marshy forests until we found a V. We ket it in right side and enjoyed driving and chasing a boat which had sexy girls a board. Though we gave up chasing, we managed to find a nice open area were we took a small break and relaxed. Next up we went to the other side of the V and this time I was driving. I knew no rules and wanted to go bizarre but speed of 5MPH is to less to pump adrenaline in my nerves. I was taking funny turns and making crazy maneuvers until I spotted a Girl / boy waving to me and kind of chasing us form the bank of the water way. That’s was it – I wanted to go close to them to meet them but didn’t realize the mechanics that the boat will get stuck in the muddy bank unless we heard a bump of a small crash. Our boat was stuck and didn’t propel. WOW that’s fun but not when there is no one around and you don’t know where to call help. Fortunately that Boy had a stick which helped us push the boat a bit further but then our Brave boy and the sweet little girl jumped in and pushed the boat to rescue us. It was fun experience and we moved further to explore the Left side.

Left Side

They are exactly opposite if you ask me. It’s a retired person paradise who like spending time at home and need to relax. All we could find is beautiful bungalows and house built just couple of feet’s above the waterway and standing proudly along the banks. Its hard to imagine such a pictorous landscape in dreams and when you are living it in front of you, its obvious to go bonkers. I kept my camera rolling to soot various angles and in the mean while as it had been all through the trip – Nikit (with out  A) shot some pics for me. All together it mesmerized me and I fell for the sheer beauty of this place. Once we finished the Houses and went into the wild again, I took my fear out and went onto the front half of the boat. It was so much fun and I was feeling the happiness within to have experienced such a delightful day with such less expense. Further Jattin took the command sighting my crazy driving skills as we move to a large lake following a sail boat. At the end of the lake after taking pic along side of the Saile boat we started our return journey where I tried my hand again. This time I was on full throttle and going past other boats was so much fun. I almost over took a big Yacht on my way but ya at 17:25 sharp we touched the base and handed our white swan to the MC MARINE company and bid Goodbye

Long wait for the train and finally it Ends …

Just because our “Fucking Jittin Gadu“ was on call and not finishing lunch, we ended up missing the train at 18:24 PM and now were waiting for the next train at 19:17. The wait was annoying but with Playbook Playing my favourite numbers It was pleasure to sit on a remote railway station with only we three wandering and waiting for the sun to set. The enigma of the moment was compared to none. Soon it was evident 19:17 train has been cancelled and now we seriously got pissed off. Next train was at 20:24 and we decided to land up into a near by Chinese restaurant for a coffee or soup. Surprize Surprize … we order VEG hot and Sour and they served Pron and Pork with Vegetables :-p. Sadly Nikit was to have it and he decided not to after having one sip .. yaaak !!! We took some cold drinks and waited for the train in the misty night. At 20:25 I saw a beam of light penetrating the misty night landscape – Yes it was our train. We thee hoped up as soon as it stopped and reached Norwich in 40 min. End of a fantastic day out and now I would do post production work for my Videos and Pics.

All the pics - Click here to view my album!!!

You may also enjoy a 5 min video documentary of this trip.

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I don’t remember my 1′st birthday

I don’t remember my 1st birthday but …

I’ll always remember my 1st birthday bash
When I was only small, pouched in my dad’s lap.
All the laughter, all the fun, we must have had a blast.

We had a party, fun and games
I remember all the presents I got
All my relatives surrounded me, to me, that meant a lot

Then came the birthday cake
Everyone’s eyes gazed on me, they sang happy birthday!
Sure! I was as happy as I can be!

My best friend’s were there, my family was there
The picture was complete!
They are the nicest lot of people, I could ever hope to meet

This birthday stands out
I enjoyed it so very much, People laughing, people eating
People chatting, people greeting

This is a fond memory to me
Memories are sure good to keep
They are all a part of who I am, no matter where I am

Near or far …

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England vs Holland : Feb 2012


Where Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom
With Steven Gerrard and Rob Van Persie
Cost Close to £ 100 Norwich to Norwich all inclusive
Travel East Angelia Express / London tube / walking station commute
Stay NA
Event Highlights Day 1 – 29/02/2012

  1. Steven Gerrard and Rob Van Persie
  2. Amazing Crowd
  3. Final Score 2 – 3
  4. New Captain and Manager
  5. Last 10 minutes – England Comeback and heartbreak
  6. Threatening forward play by Holland
  7. Running – Off field by me to catch tube / bus


England were playing defending world champions when I was last at Wembley(Nov 2011). This time we welcome the Oranges – yes England vs Holland (2010 WC runners up). Both the trips were largely common but quite different given the experience. It wanted to see Gerrard live, however due to his ankle injury he was rested against Spain(though I saw Torres, Xavi, Mata etc all my favorites). I didn’t wanted to miss this chance see him in action at the home of football – Wembley Stadium

Tickets to England Matches

finding a home game ticket use to be a tough nut to crack, but now due to online ticketing one can easily manage a ticket with the comfort of his work desk or laptop. Below are some recommended sites

Getting to Wembley

I stared form Norwich after Office so had to rush to Railway station to catch my 4:30 train to Liverpool Street Station, London. After reaching there rush to the tube station side towards platform 5 for Metropolitan line towards wembley park. Take stairs for exit and you will see the famous arch of wembley. Click a pick or two and try avoid fellows selling tickets or scarfs or caps (you will get better deals ahead)

Now keep walking under the bridge till you get to open area and then boy you have your Road to Wembley. Take a break, enjoy chips and buy some match scarfs and hats and continue walking. After you cross the LED sign board keep left and continue. You will now be all set to take your tickets out and search for the gate of entrance. Gate E F G are at the center  so you can move left or right  accordingly. Once you enter It time to go to loo else you will get yourself in trouble in the middle of the game. If you have some quid to spend consider visiting the official merchandise store to get your personalized t-shirt. If you fancy getting your face painted, try that too but it costs so be ready to shell some money out.

All set for the match and I haven’t mentioned about drinks :-p . well Yes there are plenty of spots near by to get you drunk but the best place where all supports meet is at hotel Premier Inn. It offers mobile toilet facility also so get dunk without bladder bust :-p. More on the place in my previous wembley visit for England vs Spain Friendly match in November 2011.

England vs Holland Match Summery

First Half

It stared with some great forward play by both Holland and England but eventually England tried to be Barcelona with players rotating positions and appearing unhurried on the ball. England began well enough but only with lack of pressure on the ball and their unfamiliarity with such style of play, they lost possession at crucial times. My focus was on Steven Gerrard and he disappointed me by leaving the field during first half. Later it was know that he is injured(again). Rob Van Persie was good to start but never made a threatening move. First half ended 0-0 and England were looking a very average team in font of Dutch.

Second Half

Both my star players (Stevy and Van Persie) were out of the field which meant that I would now concentrate more on the game and not in capturing them through my lens. In the early minutes of second half a pressing Dutch forward penetrated into English defense and Arjen Robben nailed in the first goal for the visitors. Moments later it was 0-2 when a cross delivered by Dirk Kuyt (btw I was concentrating on him in second half as I am a RedMen #YNWA) to Klaas-Jan Huntelaar who nodded it past Joe Hart for second Dutch goal – and then following through straight into the side of Smalling’s head who was later stretchered off the field. Now I could see fans were already started leaving.

Final Moments …

The game progressed into an interesting stage when back to back goals from Gary Cahill and Ashley Young made it look like earning England an unlikely draw after they conceded two goals in  second-half but Arjen Robben scored the winner for Holland in injury time and ensured Dutch supremacy over English in a deserving win.

Disappointed I start(rather run) my way back to Norwich city; but Wembley, I will be back soon :-p

All the pics - Click here to view my album!!!

You may also enjoy a 3 min video documentary of this Event.

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Birmingham : Feb 2012


Where Birmingham, United Kingdom
With DilNisha and Vishal – Jasmina (PrafulHansa)
Cost Close to £ 150 Norwich to Norwich all inclusive
Travel East Angelia Express / Hired car (to safari) / walking (city)
Stay Hotel Aston
Places visited Day 1 – 25/02/2012

  1. Bullring – city centre (famous city centre sight)
  2. BournvilleCadbury world (mecca for chocoholics)
  3. Town Hall – (area with historic buildings)
  4. Mailbox –  ( big commercial building, HQ BBC Birmingham)
  5. Canal – Pubs / restaurant (night hangout)

Day 2 – 26/02/2012

  1. Balaji + Sai baba Temple – Largest in UK
  2. West Midlands open Safari – A place to see WILD and beautiful
  3. Liverpool vs. Cardiff city – Carling cup finals <3 Hurraayyyyy!!!


After my Cambridge trip, and an awesome time, me and Dil were tempted to go for our next weekend outing. By Wednesday it was confirmed that we are going to Birmingham – the second most populous city in UK. I was excited since we were spending two days in the city and have plans to visit Cadbury Word and Open Safari.


View Birmingham city weekend trip in a larger map

Early morning and start

ALARM!!!! F$#K just 5 min to depatcher and I am still in struggling with my shoe lase. 5 min to go and I took my bag and rushed to the station jumping and hopping with my backpack and just before the doors closed me was breathing peacefully in East Angelina Express to Peterborough.

Journey was enjoying, and so much fun with two sweet couples DilNisha and REAL LIFE PrafulHansa. Does PrafulHansa sounds familiar ? remember Khichdi (a TV series). Well they shared the same chemistry and reminded me of those characters. Sandwiches by Nisha bhabhi were an awesome breakfast topped with Jasmina (Hansa) bhabhi’s equally amazing Thepla and green chatni. As they say – “Great stories starts with great food “ …  So here we begin ….

Welcome Birmingham

WOW just WOW!!! Second most populous and yes it’s rich too. Just as we came out of the New street Station, a Pink Hummer Limo passed by. Streets were crowed and the buildings were shining in the bright sunny day. We were hunting our hotel near Aston Uni and headed towards it enjoying the busy city sight. After some rest we started for Bullring – a iconic spot and a grand shopping mall. Though we didn’t went inside (considering two ladies with us who would have taken up all the day shopping had we gone :-p) we had some time to enjoy the carnival around that place. Everyone was busy soaking the warmth, enjoying sunshine with parents, partners, friends or alone with cigarette :-p. It was time to stop wondering and let Z980 do the talking.

Cadbury World

It was 1:00 already and we should now head to Bournville – considered mecca for Chocolate lovers. It is a vast suburb near the city which has the complete production line for Cadbury chocolates. Arrived there at 3iesh and rushed to 3:30 show called “Essence of Cadbury”. There we were detailed about the history of Cadbury and various preparations. We also took a tour to the production unit. But the best section is where you get FREE UNLIMITED CHOCOLATE. After enjoying the smoothest chocolate paste till date we went to see the fun side of chocolate industry. Played with Shadows, made our chocolate statue, took a pic on a large flying dairymilk bar, wrote RedDuk.com using a chocolate cone (see all this in the documentary video). The day ended with a visit to town hall and Square. In the evening, a visit to MailBox (HQ BBC Birmingham) ensured we witnessed some night at the adjoining canal. We all wanted a break and what better than to enter a Pun let loose. We ordered our poison and snacks @ Pizza Bar Kitchen aside the canal. After a great eve and Italian drinks I was heading towards my hotel where I got in company of fellow travellers. We watched match highlights and … Last thing I remember was thin moon and a bright star.

I saw your face, in a crowded place …

Yesterday was enough to give me a sound sleep, and given that we had to start again by 9:00 I was struggling to come out of my bed :-9 . Today we were to visit Balaji temple (one of the biggest temple in UK) and later an open Safari. Waiting for the cab at the New Street station I saw a face in crowd and the song “You Beautiful by James Blunt” stared playing in my mind, She was a diva and I fell for her smile. I took so many gestures she posed (unknowingly) and every move she made was striking a cord in my heart. I couldn’t stop myself and approached her to show what I have clicked (though the real intent was to get closer and live that moment. Below is my conversation with her :-

Our small <3 story – Can’t tell you how many times I saw her pic during that day.

Me: Hi Girls

She: Turns around and scans me with a void face(raised eyebrows)

Me: I clicked few pics, have a look!!!(nervous)

She: (browsing the pics) Oh! , Lovely. Not bad!(she smiles)

Me: Can I use it for my Journal(feeling sooooo happy)

She: what kind of ?

Me: For my travel blog(looking into her deep eyes)

She: Oh really…(sweet smile again). Yes you can.

Me: Thanks!!! bye(You’r Beautiful .. Its True …)

She: Bye, have a good time …(last eye contact)

West Midland Safari and End

After we spent 45 min at the Balaji temple, we headed towards open Safari. I was fully swinging on the front seat of our car, playing my favourite tracks. Mood was cheerful and everyone was enjoying the country side. As we entered the safari Gooday biscuits were to become animal feeds. We fed Ostriches, Zebras, Giraffes and even those hungry Deers. It was fun watching Lion, Leopard, and Tiger up-close but the highlight was seriously the naughty and hungry Giraffes who almost ate my finger (Ouch!!). Somewhere I felt the pain of the elephant, the lions and all other beautiful animals that were open to roam around but still had boundaries. Biding goodbye to the rangers and the animals we took a swift drive back to hotel where we enjoyed a nail biting final between Liverpool FC and Cardiff City FC – the Carling cup finals. After the 3-2 penalty shoots we were bonkers!!! . The return Journey was full time pass, laughing like crazy we never knew that 4 hours passed and we were back to where we started. Platform no. 2 – Norwich City Railway Station

All the pics - Click here to view my album!!!

You may also enjoy a 5 min video documentary of this trip.

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Cambridge : Feb 2012


Where Cambridge, United Kingdom
With Dil – Nisha
Cost Close to £ 30 Norwich to Norwich all inclusive
Travel East Angelia Express / Punt (to river Cam) / walking (city)
Stay NA
Places visited Day 1 – 19/02/2012

  1. Kings College – among the famous colleges of the world
  2. City centre – vibrant Sunday afternoon.
  3. The famous Corpus Christi Clock
  4. River Cam Punting – for an ultimate Cambridge experience.
  5. St Johns college – Richest and grandest of all
  6. Local market – Belgium Waffle and drinks in sunshine
  7. The Fitzwilliam Museum – Nice small Warm :-p place
  8. Church – Evening service and prayers


from mid Jan till mid Feb, I was dormant (just in terms of travel) as weather was a bit harsh. I was consolidating this wesbite and trying to finish off posts which were sitting in draft for long. After Feb 15 when the weather started to open a bit, I decided that weekends should be taken seriously now. :-p


View Cambridge City – day trip : Feb 2012 in a larger map

Early Morning and start

Morning 6:00 AM, 19 feb 2012 and my alarm breaks the silence (annoying sound troubles my flat mates) and I turn it off to take on last nap of lazy Sunday. At 7:30 I am ready and all set for a one day trip to Cambridge city. After finishing my breakfast and packing my photography gears I am about to leave my place but suddenly discovered my jacket is missing. Jattin’s act of cleanliness made my perfect morning into a disaster as I missed my 7:52 train :-p . Angry and annoyed Dilmohan greets me at the station with his wife Nisha and we wait till 8:15 on Norwich Station for the next connecting train (via Stowmarket)

Let’s Go

The Journey was quite, as we were the only 3 among other 5 people in the compartment. At 9:45 AM we were at stowmarket station. It was a 30 min haul to change the train and we thought to have a quick coffee. We rushed towards the city only to find all the shops closed. Disappointed we returned and boarded in the next connecting train at 10:15

Welcome Cambridge

Bright sunshine, cool breeze and the church clock striking 11:00 greeted us in Cambridge city. Just walked two min and we stated sighting colleges for which Cambridge is famous for. Our first destination was Kings College, but before we head towards Downing Street, we stopped by Costa to sip a nice Cappuccino on Regent Street.

Getting to Kings College

Now it was me and Dil trying to sort out directions and when I said straight Dil thinks left. I was on my Blackberry 9780 (great reception and GPS accuracy) and trusted partner since feb 2011. Dil on the other site on his new Galaxy Tab looking at Google street view :-p and after a bit of confusion we neared the famous time eater bug clock (actual name to be written) made of 24 carat gold. This was one thing we kept talking about in our to-do list and was happy we managed to see it but disappointed with the quality of glass which protected it as it lacked anti – glare optics.

Just as we took a right, a huge building covering the entire landscape made a compelling presence and around it was the real Cambridge – city, crowd, students, tourist, cycles (lots of) church, café, telephone boots, dogs, tent shops, and college all in one vast landscape. I have been to quite a few European cities now but never have I seen such a vibrant display of life in one single frame.

As we were exploring the place a Student approached us for a punting tour on river Cam. We already had this in our to-do list but not so soon, nevertheless we listen to his interesting narration. Surprisingly the whole punting business on this side of river Cam is managed and run by students association (at least on weekends) and the cost is way cheap than professional service providers. We got a tour for £8 / head which lasted 40 minutes and across all the major colleges and bridges along river Cam.

Punting on River Cam

Well frankly speaking, I am sold to this experience any time. Imagine a bright sunny day, resting on a basic wooden low lying punt (boat), ducks just an arm distance away and the sound of water. One side you have the biggest educational institutes and on the other side large open lush green field. Every now an then a punt crosses us and the punter exchange a word. The route is intercepted by medieval bridges which add to the astonishing beauty of the landscape. As romantic as it can be, we can notice couples making the most of this environment. I was waiting for this kind of place to show some love for my Z980 and PB. Both were active and captured the way I wanted. With some post production work, the images justify the true beauty of the place.

Lunch and further

After punting, it was time for some photo shoot and exploring the surroundings. We were hungry and took a break on the wooden bench, which dated 5 – 6 decades back. In our back drop was St Jones College, a grand building with a history of over 500 years. Such was the magnetism of the landscape that we rushed with our lunch and took a walk across the river to explore the college up close. The vast architecture with beautiful surroundings and lush green field in front, it surely is the best of the best. We carried on taking snaps and enjoying the architectural marvel.

Evening and end.

Sun was playing hide and seek, keep us guessing for when to call off for the day. Nevertheless we escaped to town market which was as interesting as expected. Flowers, waffles, beer, food, chips and hand made articles to buy. We enjoyed Belgium Choco Waffle (as suggested by my bro Puneet) and later a drink. I was low on my battery but managed some lively shots of the place. After having this final break we were on our way back. Keeping in mind that we already missed the 16:52 train, we decided to enter a museum (just to be warm) and after spending 20 min we navigated ourselves toward Cambridge station. Just as we thought its all done, suddenly I felt like going to the church and boy it was some experience. We attended the evening service and finally caught 17:52 train to reach Norwich in 80 min.

All the pics on Facebook - Click here to view my album!!!

You may also enjoy a 5 min video documentary of this trip.

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January 2012 Roundup

The venue was Kartel, Norwich and I was attending Roof Top Rave to celebrate 2012. While dancing to my senses, I found myself in good company of Alex, Sarah, Navjot (not that Siddhu) and three others.  After 6 hours of madness I left and stared my 2012!

Highlights of Jan 2012:-

NYE Bash

Blackberry PB

Ghar ka Kaana with Paan and Pani Puri

Sherlock Holmes

New Flat

Angry Neighbour

Moment of the Month

It has to be Jan 25th – Liverpool vs Manchester City and FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid. No words can do justice to the Clash of Titans and Classico. Loved being on the wining side both the time.

Week 1

Woke up (with hangover) at 1pm and called my FnF to wish Happy 2102. Next day was MI4 which was not as awesome as I expected, but was nice to see it in ODEAN IMAX. My work week stared on 3rd and I was hunting some gadgets to start my year. I had eyes on many but as many of you know I am a BlackBerry Boy hence got a Playbook 16 GB from currys the next day. Rest of the week was dedicated to show some love for the new PB and photo editing for 143 moments.

Come Jan 7th and boy it was 1st weekend of 2012, and I was guest to Rinki Di (sister of my friend, Jitu) who has been inviting me ever since I came to UK (in fact even before that). Greeted by crying Dimira(she don’t like strangers) and Kuldeep Ji I found myself home after so many month. Gajar ka halwa, Gatte ki Sabji and Peas Pulav – that was enough to make my day a highlight of Jan, but it was just the beginning as Rinki Di and Kuldeep Ji followed it up with Kadi, Bhajji, Alu Paratha , Paan, Pani Puri… It was a feast for someone living on a deight of Mc Veggi Wrap, Doritos and RedBull for months. It was a great weekend with Mr Kulpeep Bhati and Family, special love to Dimi who accepted me the next day :-)

Week 2

With a new week came a new challenge, to get ourself a new house since 127 Ketts Hill will no more be our nest after 25th and this week went without much progress since we had different point of views every single day. This was also the week of the famous facebook fight(b/w Fernanda Rebiro and KM) which lead to a very interesting (behind the scenes story). Football was disappointing too with Liverpool and Norwich not performing.

Week 3

Till now without a new home and only 10 days to go before Mr. Howard Wilson will fly from Canada to kick us out of his property, It was time for action. I stared browsing rightmove.co.uk and roommates.com when ever I could to find us a new place, offers as good as to share a flat with 5 girls (yes! I’m not nuts – it was an offer) were purposely denied :-) . After considering numerous flat shares and individual properties (including one on Rosary Road) I came across Gilson Bailey and finalized one Victorian flat on Quebec Rd. Accomplishment was celebrated with Hair Cut :-) and Sherlok Holmes – A Game of Shadows which happened to be immensely entertaining than I though (I wanted to go for a horror or action movie). That’s It! end of week and a job well done. Oh did I just say END … worse two days came as we both stretched, bent, broke our backs to clean the house to make it as per given condition.

Week 4

It stared with we still busy cleaning the house and packing our stuff, broken, limping and difficult to stand we were exhausted already. Finally on 24th we called 76-76-76 (Hi, this is Bob from Beeline taxi, how can I help?) to do the job for us. At the new flat I took the small dark corner room to keep me and my world compact and hidden :-) . Days went by was usual till the weekend when we saw The Intruders and what happened the next night was scary. Suddenly around half past two in night someone started banging our walls (yes I am not insane, its walls not door) and shouting as if she was in pain. I was not aware about it until my roomy (a bit scared) came and woke me up. After his narration I passed him a smile, laughed and asked him to sleep. It was all fine until around 3:15 is again happened, now it was very loud and I could hear someone banging the door and using the F word quite frequently. It didn’t took me long to know what she wants. I immediately rushed the stairs and turned my heater off. It was our neighbor who was annoyed by the vibration and noise of heater which is on the common wall between our and her flat. Next day we found a letter from her saying she was annoyed and has complained in Anti – social neighbor forum :-p. Later that day, I invested my time into arranging my room and making it an all in one bed cum lounge cum work (yes, RedDuk Studio lives here) place. To end the week on a high I enjoyed Liverpool beat United in FA cup at Ketts Trevern.


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ITIL V3 ITSM Certification : Feb 2010

My ITIL V3 ITSM Certification Story

Certificate Name – ITIL V3 Certified ITSM, Eaxm ID – EX0-101, Total Questions – 40, Passing Marks – 65%, Cost – INR 8200, Date of Exam – Feb, 25th 2010, Level – Foundation, My Score – 80%

My Certificate:

ITIL V3 Score Card ITIL Certificate

My Experience:

I was planning since long to try my hand on this qualification, but only till FEB 2010, I really pushed myself to give it a try. My schedule as always was short but dedicated. I did extensive research on Google in understanding the full syllabus and knowing what should be studied to get certified and also get good ITIL V3 knowledge. The exam was average :-) but said that, It needs 30 hours of serious study(although ITIL allots 18 hours for the syllabus, but thats for experienced guys). I took over 10 full length test’s which made me shiver because the scores I was getting was marginal to pass. Hopefully the questions I practiced were above the difficulty level of exam. The exam was great and It took me just 35 -40 min to answer all of them.  One advise, please practice as many questions as you can, until and unless this is done, you will err in exams(I have seen a 6 year exp manager clueless in some of the questions).

My References:

This book is very good to start and understand the core concepts of ITIL V3(which are differently categorized form ITIL V2). Its is free to download and is authored by renowned names in itSMF Forum. It is a pocket hand book and smartly gives a complete overview of fundamentals of ITIL V3. I started with this book, and with just 58 pages(that too very small) l took just few days to completely understand the ITIL fundaments.

This study guide is Excellent. Its neat, and beautifully written, in simple yet effective language. Its a must read for cracking the exam. Its just 45 page but almost everything is covered. Its free to download along with few other useful resources which include a glossary of terms(better than Official one) and sample test FREE. Trust me, If you read it throughly and understand the concepts and have a three digit IQ, the ITIL ITSM certificate is just one Hour away :-)

  • Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam by OGC (official Study AID)

I tried to get a copy of this book(FREE) but it was really hard, however, while searching for this book I found out many free resources which actually helped me score and get proficiency on the fundamental. I would suggest to go through this book(given that you have time, and want to know more on the exam) and get a rough idea on how OGC(the official body, sees the ITIL Certification Exam). Its also good to practice the questions given at the end of each chapter and at the back.

  • Others

Apart form the above great free resources, I also took these free topic wise assessments and SIX full length test to make sure I am fully equipped with all the knowledge and skills to crack the test. You will have to register(just 1 min process) to access these wonderful FREE resources. Apart from that, I gave THREE official mock test’s which were very close to the difficulty level and distribution of actual exam. They are free to download over the net(ask me to send you if you want them fast). I also found few dumps and practiced them in last two days.

All in all I would rate the exam average, but the preparation should be systematic and remember, PRACTICE is the KEY. As a fresher I didn’t had much ITIL knowledge(though after reading I came to know, most of the practices and terms, we do and use daily in our CMMI L5 organization). I would love to share and help those how aspire to be ITIL ITSM certified. Please drop me a comment in case you have any quries. I will be happy to revert asap :-)

Thats all form my side. Study Smart, Practice hard :-)

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